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Dental Services

Dr. Donna Helton is a Danville dentist who serves both Virginia and North Carolina at her practice. Cosmetic dental includes white fillings, all porcelain crowns, bridges, implants and whitening of teeth. Preventative care as well as after-hours emergency care are standard for her patients. In addition, she provides digital x-rays for lower radiation and better tracking. Full and partial dentures are also available as are other innovative dental procedures and products.

We provide virtually every dental service available for your oral health. In the event that we feel the procedure you require is outside the scope of our expertise, we will refer you to a specialist who can better treat your needs. After the specialist has completed the recommended treatment for you, our office will be ready to handle your follow-up care.

We offer the following procedures:

  • Laser surgery of soft tissue conditions
  • Crowns, Bridges and Implants
  • Bleaching of teeth - In office power bleaching and take home bleach trays
  • Intra-oral photographs
  • Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy
  • Full and Partial Dentures
  • Vizilite Oral Cancer Screening
Dental implants - dental service in danville, VA
Dentures - dental service in danville, VA
  • Restorative Fillings (amalgam and resin)
  • Digital x-rays for clarity and lower radiation
  • Routine dental cleanings and examinations (adults and children)
  • Desensitizing and Fluoride Treatments
  • Air abrasion technology (no drilling required)
  • Full and Partial Dentures, which enables us to replace missing teeth so you can enjoy eating again.
  • Nightguard Therapy, to relax the jaw muscles at night and to protect your teeth from the harmful effects of grinding.
  • Pediatric (Children's) Dentistry, to ensure your child is comfortable and receives proper treatment.
  • Cleanings, for good oral health.
  • Scaling and Root Planing, to prevent some of the causes of gum disease and breath.
  • Minor Gum Surgery, to correct and prevent further harm to tooth, bone, and gum tissue.
  • Sealants, for added protection against tooth decay
Pediatric dentistry - dental service in danville, VA
Contact us in Danville, Virginia, to schedule an appointment with our family dentist, and let her make sure your oral hygiene is first-class.