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About Dr. Helton

Donna F. Helton, D.D.S., PC in Danville, Virginia, is a family dentist performing various dental services, including dental cleaning and cosmetic dentistry. She also offers her services through volunteer work.

Dr. Helton is an active community member who enjoys volunteering both in our community, for her church, West Main Baptist, and around the world. Her most recent volunteer opportunity was with her family, who was part of a 43-member team from the Global Health Outreach program, sponsored by the Christian Medical-Dental Association, to provide health care to people in Ometepe, Nicaragua.

The residents have very few possessions and most do not have access to electricity or running water. Health care is scarce on the island, which is home to an active volcano, and they have to walk many miles to receive the free health care provided by the doctors, dentists, and health care professionals.

On this mission, local pastors ministered to the people while they waited for health care. National interpreters facilitated the communication between the Nicaraguans and the Americans. Dr. Helton provided dental care, which included fillings and periodontal cleanings, and her husband, David, filled hundreds of prescriptions for the patients.

Their daughter, Michelle, is interested in a career in physical therapy and was able to assist the two physical therapists on the team. At age 12, their son, Cliff, helped escort patients from the triage area to the appropriate doctor. In the afternoons, he also assisted with Bible School.

The Helton family is very thankful to have had the opportunity to serve God and mankind in this family mission.
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